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Safe Environment for Children

In order to protect our children and those who serve them, anyone working in a supervisory capacity with minors on a regular basis must attend the Protecting God’s Children session provided by the Diocese. Adults working in a supervisory capacity with minors must be at least 21 years of age. 

Those who are open to assisting with any ministry with children and youth are strongly encouraged to attend the workshop as well. More information on this (the Virtus program) may be found at www.virtus.org. Registrations are only accepted by going to their site. For assistance in navigating the website, call the Parish Office at 816.942.2492. A schedule of available Virtus workshop dates can also be found on the Diocese of Kansas City-Saint Joseph website. (Click here)

The protocol for adults includes:

  1. Completing an application including references if asked to do so. This applies especially to new volunteers, volunteers assisting in new ministries, and volunteers assisting new employees who do not know them.
  2. Going to virtus.org to set up an account and read the four-part EIM (policy on Ethics and Integrity in Ministry), answering questions for each part (10-15 minutes total).
  3. Submitting to a diocesan-paid background check, also found at virtus.org.
  4. Signing up for a PGC (Protecting God’s Children) workshop with the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph (not KCK) and attending that three hour workshop within sixty days of service.

Adults must complete steps 1-3 above BEFORE any interaction with minors.

Older youth

Older youth who assist with younger children are encouraged
to attend the Protecting God’s Children workshop, but must have a parent’s
written permission to do so. Youth under 18 years of age cannot submit to a
background check, but must complete a Code of Conduct form that they and a
parent must sign and return to the SEC (Safe Environment Coordinator).

Questions? Contact:

Parish Safe Environment Coordinator (SEC)
Joan Sandford: 816-942-2492 x202 or joan@stmkc.com

School Safe Environment Coordinator (SEC) 
Meredith Blair: 816-942-5581 or blair_meredith@stmcyclones.org

Diocesan Office of Child and Youth Protection


Smoke-Free Facilities

To comply with city ordinance 041125 and to protect all employees, students, worshipers, clients, gatherers and visitors from exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) in order to ensure a safe working, studying, worshiping and gathering environment, Saint Thomas More is a smoke-free parish.

It is the policy of this parish and school that the workplace, worship space, gathering hall, educational facilities, and all associated enclosed areas are smoke-free and that all employees, students, and worshipers have a right to work, study and pray in a smoke-free environment. Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire buildings of the parish office, school, gym, church, gathering space and hall, with no exceptions. This policy applies to all employees, contractors, parishioners, parents, and visitors.

More Hall Usage

More Hall is first available for parish and school activities. It is also available for Diocesan events and organizations affiliated with Saint Thomas More, such as the Catholic schools, Scout groups, and other charitable organizations. For more information to rent More Hall for private family functions, click here to contact Joan Sandford. See the “Campus Maps” link below for maps of the church and More Hall.

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