There are many lay liturgical ministries that offer opportunities to offer one’s gifts to the worshiping community of Saint Thomas More. These are listed below with a description and, for those of you who have already come forward, schedules are posted.

Liturgical Ministries

The Assembly

All the worshiping faithful are called to full, conscious, and active participation in liturgies. See Redempionus Sacramentum. Expressing our faith grows our faith.


Parishioners are invited to sign up for an hour every Friday, from after the 8:15 am Eucharist on Friday to the 8:15 am Eucharist on Saturday. Additional times for adoration are also offered during Lent.

Altar Care

Weekly light clean-up in church every Friday:  dusting, trimming candles, keeping the little things in order. Also provide upkeep of the liturgical garments. Contact Katherine Gierster.

Altar Linen Care

People who work specifically with laundering linens for use at Eucharist:  pick up linens at church; launder them at home, then return them to church. It’s on a rotation schedule; duties every four to six weeks or so. Contact Adele Wurtz.

Altar Servers

Boys and girls from 5th grade and older, who assist at the Sunday and 8:15 daily liturgies. Funerals, weddings, and special events for experienced servers. See Minister Schedules section above for the latest schedule.

Children’s liturgy of the Word

Click here to learn more.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

These women and men assist in the distribution of Eucharist at Sunday and weekday Eucharistic liturgies, as well as bring the Blessed Sacrament to nursing homes and shut-ins. Training is required. Contact the parish office.

Hospitality Ministers

Hospitality Ministers are the first faces that people see when entering the worship space. They welcome all and take care of the comfort of churchgoers before, during and after Eucharistic celebrations. They assist in taking up the collection, ushering, handing out bulletins after the liturgy and “tidying up” the pews after services. Training is provided.

See Minister Schedules section above for the latest schedule.


This is the ministry of proclaiming the Word of God at liturgy. Through prayerful preparation, voice, attitude and physical bearing, lectors convey the dignity and sacredness of the Scripture readings. Training is required. Contact Marla Byrne.
See Minister Schedules section above for the latest schedule.

Liturgical Art/Environment

Serves to enhance and beautify the worship space of our church, especially for major feasts and seasons. Various duties include decorating, flower arranging, carpentry, sewing, candles, care of live plants, and seasonal projects. The group meets about six times a year to plan. Some people join only for the big decorating tasks of Christmas and Easter. Commit as much time as you wish. Contact Chrissa Hoffmeier, Jana Lang, or Noreen Purcell.

Music Ministers

Those with a gift for music and a desire to offer their gift by supporting the worship of the assembly at Eucharist can serve in many ways. In addition to cantoring (a cantor is a singer who is a leader of song), there are three active choirs at present that sing September through May:

Children’s Choir
Rehearse Wednesdays at 3 pm, Sing at various School and Sunday Eucharistic liturgies. Contact Cheryl Parisi.

Celebration Choir
Rehearse Wednesdays at 7:30 pm, Sing at various Sunday Eucharistic liturgies. Contact Carol Rupp.


Oversee the Eucharistic Ministry:  setting up, ensuring adequate numbers of hosts and ministers, assisting at the altar, and cleaning up. Contact Jackie Johnson. See Minister Schedules section above for the latest schedule.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these ministries, either contact the person listed or click here or call 816.942.2492.

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