Youth Ministry at STM

Welcome STM youth!

Contact for events

Please direct all Youth Ministry inquiries to the parish office at the number below.

Adult volunteers

Adults of all ages, to build a healthy ministry, the STM youth program relies on committed and faithful volunteers! If you are interested in getting involved please reach out to Fr. Justin Hoye

Safe Environment

See the Safety page for our policy regarding all volunteers working with youth as well as safe environment policies and forms.

Ethics and Integrity in Ministry

All parishioners are invited to read the EIM document.

One of the best ways we, as a community, can help protect our children at STM is to be proactive in creating the environments that help us remain above reproach in our dealing with the young and the vulnerable, and hold each other accountable to those values. 

In this spirit we invite parishioners to read and affirm the policy on Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM), which familiarizes our parishioners with the ways in which we are called to exemplify Christ-like attitudes in all our interactions. 

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