Persons with disabilities


Saint Thomas More Church and More Hall are wheel chair accessible. There is an elevator the goes between the lower More Hall level to the church level. In the church itself there are cut out spaces throughout to accommodate wheel chairs. For a map of our church showing where these place are, see the Campus Maps page – select the church building upper level link. The campus map on that page also shows the location of handicap parking. Our contact for persons with disabilities is Becky Turner (see your parish directory for her number.)

The SPRED Program

Parents with children or young adults who are developmentally disable and in need of religious education or sacramental preparation can contact the Office of Ministry with Persons with Disabilities (Voice/TDD: 816.767.0058 or 816.765.9805) with regards to the Special Religious Education (SPRED) Program or speak with one of our priests. The SPRED program operates out of Saint Catherine Parish.
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