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Submissions due by Monday 5pm for the following weekend’s bulletin. For holiday weekends, the deadline will be earlier. Use our Parish Staff contact form, choose “Bulletin submissions.”


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M  O  R  E     N  E  W  S

More News quarterly newsletter has been temporarily replaced by Father Justin’s weekly Friday update emails during the Covid-19 pandemic. See the EmailListSignup link at the top of the website for subscribe.


   when publication resumes you’ll find More News posted here

Receive by email:

See the “EmailListSignup” link at top

Submission Guidelines: 

Relevant content
More News is an all-parish newsletter intended to enhance the mission of the parish. As such, submissions should pertain to parish events and community events that are immediately relevant to our mission. Submissions should include contact information

Content format: (electronic submissions are preferred)

Text: length can vary from a few words (like a short entry on the event calendar)to a full-page (about 800 words) article. (Longer articles tend to be relevant to the greater number of parishioners.)
Always include contact information (name, phone number, email address) so readers can get involved or ask questions. Include any information about other places readers can find information about the subject: web links, online calendars, email lists, bulletin, etc.

Photos: (when selecting photos, try to select photos that support the accompanying text. Photos that tell a story and that encourage parishioner to get involved are ideal.)
Printed-the primary issue is the quality of the print. Something printed off of a website will generally not work. A commercially printed photo will work. All photos should include, written on the back, who is in the photo, the date of the photo, and what is depicted (event etc.) If you wish it to be returned to you, include your name and phone number.
Electronic-(preferred) jpg or tiff are preferred. These must be of sufficient resolution to print well. Photos files that are intended for display on a website generally will not work (because web display requires a lot less to display well than does printing.) Put simply, the bigger the file, the better.

How to make submissions
Submissions can be sent electronically or dropped off at the parish office to Bob Sandford. Click here to contact him.

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