Come Home to Communion

Mass schedule and guidelines

Bishop Johnston announces "Come Home to Communion," a diocese-wide invitation to return to church.

Whether you are preparing to return post-Covid, are a fallen away Catholic considering returning, or know someone you want to invite,  resources are available at

  • A video message from Bishop Johnston
  • inviting a friend
  • finding a church
  • preparing your heart
  • the benefits and blessings of Keeping the Lord’s Day


Mass schedule (Mass times)

  • All Masses continue to be available online at soon after they are celebrated. 
  • Public Masses (no signup required)
    • Monday-Friday 6:15am & 8:15am and Saturday 8:15am
    • Sunday, 7:30am, 9:00AM and 11:00AM. 
    • Also, please read the guidelines below.

Open for prayer

Monday-Friday, 6am-6pm*
Saturdays: 7am-5pm
Sundays: 7am-9pm
*The church is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 2-3pm, for school Masses.

Sacrament of Reconciliation Confession)

The Sacrament is available in the Confessional (southwest corner inside the Church)

  • Tuesday 5-6PM
  • Thursday 5-6PM
  • Saturday 7:15-8AM; 3-3:45PM

Welcome Back!

What you Need to Know as You Gather with Us in Prayer

Updated June 1, 2021

Guidelines for Attending Mass

    • All entrances to the Church are now open during regular hours.  Greeters in the Narthex continue to be available on the weekends to answer questions you might have about our services.

    • Open seating is now available in most of the church.  
    • The northernmost section of the Church has been retained as a section with limited seating (every other pew empty) to accommodate those most vulnerable and who continue to mask up.
    • Priests and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion will continue to be masked when distributing the Eucharist (per Bishop Johnston’s directive).
    • Weekday Mass Times remain: Monday-Friday 6:15AM & 8:15AM; Saturday 8:15AM
    • Weekend Mass Times remain: Saturday 4PM; Sunday 7:30AM, 9AM and 11AM

Online Masses:

One Mass is uploaded daily to our website for virtual worship.  These are usually available by 9AM every morning.

Other Events/Gatherings in the Church and Hall:

  • There is no mask requirement within our buildings.
  • Masks continue to be available in our common areas.

As of November 5, 2021

As of November 5th, there are no emergency orders within Kansas City requiring masks within our establishments.  Masks remain available for parishioners and visitors in our buildings, and opportunities for social distancing within our liturgies remain in place.

In place at St. Thomas More

  • Mask wearing is not required – although strongly encouraged – in the Church, Parish Office and More Hall.
  • All Church entrances are open during the Weekend Masses
  • The Church continues to provide space – the north side of the church – for those who will be socially distanced (seating in every other pew) and wearing masks.
  • Seating is available as well in the Cry Room, Chapel, and in the Narthex
  • Confessions are being heard in the Confessional
  • Church is open weekdays for prayer and devotions 6AM-6PM, Saturdays 7AM-5PM, and Sundays 7AM-9PM
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